Bed Bug Laundry

Only 1/4-inch as matured adults, bed bugs have risen a tyranny against New Yorkers within the past two years. These little buggers can infest your home, office or apartment and spread like wildfire. What most people don't know is that once one bed bug enters your home, they are able to lay up to five eggs a day - totaling up to 200 eggs in a single lifetime. Professionals are brought in to clean and debug the entire home after several treatments. They do not, however, treat your laundry and might even suggest that you throw it all away to remove any eggs that might be thriving on them.

Here we understand that throwing away your clothing and fabrics can be both costly and inconveniencing. No one should be forced to throw away their laundry for any reason - especially not for a bug infestation. This forced us to research and perfect techniques to provide our clients with a new solution. Our dedication to this has helped us develop an innovative and efficient method for removing those pesky bed bugs and their eggs from your clothing and other fabrics.

You might be wondering why our company exceeds the service of our competition. To begin, our low price of $2.50 per pound of laundry doesn't put a damper on your budget. We understand that you are not at fault for having your homes infested and you should not have to overpay for it. We offer a pick-up service and once it reaches our facility we tag, inspect, sort and treat the clothing with the utmost care.

The process begins with our free 7-day a week pick-up service. You schedule a pick-up date with us and our crew comes by in an unmarked vehicle to collect your laundry and dry-cleaning. This service provides you with a discreet method of delivering your clothes to us without having to worry about anyone knowing of your infestation problems. We believe that you deserve your privacy during the already stressful time.

After your clothes are collected, our crew transports them to our processing facility to be tagged to ensure each article of fabric is brought back to you. Once tagged, the laundry goes to our service area where our staff thoroughly investigates it for bed bugs. The bugs are carefully hand-picked from each article of clothing and sorted into two piles: dry-cleaning and machine washable. The clothes are than washed using Kleen-Free detergent. Your clothes benefit from this detergent because it is hypoallergenic, non-pathogenic, environmentally-friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic. Therefore, the detergent removes any embedded eggs within the fabrics without causing any physical harm or color-removal.

We ensure that all clothes are clean by running them through a minimum of two cycles. We understand that you should receive a quality cleaning and one cycle would not accomplish that. After the second cycle, our staff inspects the fabric to ensure all eggs are removed from the clothing. If our members suspect that the clothing could still be contaminated, we rewash the load of clothes. We continue the process until we find the article of clothing to be satisfactory and up to manufacturer's specifications (located on clothing tags).

After we thoroughly wash your laundry, we dry each article of fabric appropriately to fit the manufacturer's specifications as well. We do not believe that any clothing should be given any less care than described by the label or material if no label is presented. Our staff does one final inspection through the articles of fabric to ensure that everything is in "like-new" condition. To achieve the "like-new" condition, we will even rerun the loads of laundry if we feel that the clothing does not achieve the manufacturer's standards.

Our processing facility then carefully sorts and folds your laundry into neat piles. We ensure all laundry is wrinkle-free and cleaned to perfection. They are than sent to our packaging department, where they are carefully put into packaging and sealed. This keeps your laundry fresh by preventing all dust and debris from contaminating. Also, it prevents any bed bugs from infesting your laundry again while the decontamination process finishes at your home, office or apartment. We believe that this added safeguard will make the process less stressful for you overall.

Upon successfully sealing the laundry, we then allow for two ways of pick-up. You can pick-up the laundry at our facility at any time that fits your schedule. However, we also understand that in New York you might not have the transportation to carry the laundry from one our facility back to your office, home or apartment. That is why we offer you a delivery service using an unmarked vehicle to deliver your laundry - offering you the same discretion given when we picked your laundry up.

We understand that life comes at you fast - and that bed bugs come at you even faster. Bed bugs are unconventional and wreak havoc in your personal space and we want to help lessen the burden by offering convenience and discretion. We want to be the first on the scene of your bed bug terror to help you remove the pests from your life once and for all!

Please feel free to contact us to schedule a pick-up appointment, we have vehicles waiting. We promise to take good care of your laundry and dry-cleaning.

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