Bed bugs have increasingly become a problem over the last several years - especially in the NYC area. There is no reason to put up with the little pests anymore and no reason to be embarrassed about alleviating the situation. Our bed bug laundry service does it all for you for $2.50 per pound for laundry, dry cleaning and household items are charged individually see pricing here. Bed Bugs Laundry
Here's how it works.

Contact us for a fast, free and discreet pick-up 7 days a week. No dragging bags of clothing all over town. We send a FREE UNMARKED vehicle to pick up your clothes and household items - no embarrassing advertising about the problem to the neighbors or anybody else. No need for anyone to know about the pesky "BUG-gers" except you!

We bring your laundry and dry cleaning to our facility where everything is hand inspected and de-bugged. We treat it with a special cleaner that won't harm your clothes or fabric, sort your laundry and bag it professionally, bed-bug free.

We wash all laundry at least 2 cycles for extra thoroughness with a natural, organic enzyme that is hypoallergenic, non-pathogenic, environmentally friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic. We get rid of the bugs and eggs without using harmful chemicals. We dry clean and wash your clothes and other items to the manufacturers specifications and return them to you in professionally cleaned, folded, and sealed packaging. No more itching, scratching, redness, or embarrassment. NYC bed bugs are tough, get rid of them now.

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